Jaime Rice

Jaime Rice
Exercise Science and Nutrition
Body Building 87%
Strength Training 75%
Weight Loss Management 70%
Flexibility 67%
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I have been a certified personal trainer for 12 years and absolutely love it.  Since the age of 5, I have been a competitive athlete in the track and field, soccer, basketball, kick boxing, and football. Graduating from Eastern Oregon University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I have applied my over a decade worth of experience and education in the field of fitness, health, and nutrition to better the lives, physiques, and physical abilities of hundreds of individuals. I pride myself on my knowledge of nutrition and specialize in muscle gain and fat loss. So if you’re a bodybuilder, physique/bikini  competitor, athlete, or just a person seeking body composition change, I am your guy.

I’ve studied this game long and hard and can take you to a level you never thought you could go to, as long as disciple, hard work, dedication, and consistency is practiced.

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